Monday, March 12, 2012


Last Friday my wife dropped me off south of Hammondsport, NY to backpack along the Finger Lakes trail to Ithaca, NY, 85 miles east by the Finger Lakes Trail. I was making good progress each day, braving snow squalls and some cold night in shelters along the trail. With three days of trekking and 60 plus miles under my belt I was feeling confident about finishing the remaining 22 miles on the last planned hiking day.
Below are a couple of short video clips that give you a brief appreciation of trail hiking.
(Turn up your sound.)

Friday - 3/9 on the trail above Hammondsport.
It's Spring!
Steep trail.
Saturday evening at the Roger's Hill Lean-To, after 27 miles of backpacking for the day; I was fixing myself a cup of hot soup, very pleased with my progress and only one more day before reaching my goal "pull out" point of Ithaca, NY. As I was pouring the boiling water into a my cup the pot jiggled loose from the handle spilling boiling water onto my sock covered foot. I immediately pulled the sock off and poured cold water on the injury.
Too late the damage was done and the hike was over.
(Fortunatly with the warm evening a local ATV rider was able to help transport me to a rendezvous spot where my wife could pick me up.) here I sit dispite all the rational thoughts; trying to sort this out in my mind to bring some closure to this issue.    

Why !!?
Accident - Any unpleasant or unfortunate occurence involving injury, loss, suffering, or death; a casualty; mishap. - as defined by my old Funk & Wagnalls dictionary.

... viewer discretion advised.


  1. You need to see a doctor who specializes in burns, quickly!! Infections in the foot area have been known to necessitate .............. amputation. Be safe rather than sorry, please.

  2. I hope your foot is doing better.