Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Walking the Keuka Outlet Trail

After donating platlets and returning from the American Red Cross center in Henerietta, NY late this morning (2/9/10), I decided the weather was good for walking the Keuka Outlet trail.

By noon I had parked the truck at the trail head in Drysden and was on the trail soon after. The 14 mile round trip (Drysden - Penn Yan, NY & back) took just under 4 hours (16.9 min/mile). The temperature was in the upper 20's; very little snow on the trail and no wind made for a nice walk. The trail was all mine, except for one trail runner whom I met about 10 minutes into the walk.
Below are are several, sequential views going toward Penn Yan. Remember this the next time you head south out of Penn Yan crossing the Keuka outlet on NYS Rt. 14a

Turn the sound up for one of the most enjoyable aspects of trekking.