Sunday, April 1, 2012


My last post was titled "Accidents" (...see 3/12/12), where I described the burning of my left foot while making a cup of soup on a Finger Lakes Trail backpack.

Below are several pictures of the burned foot.
They are not pleasant to look at, so viewer beware.
4 hours after the hot water burn

24 hours

36 hours
Now two weeks later I would like to give blog followers an update.

After five days of self treating I went to the emergency room at our local hospital. The ER physician treated the wound and insisted that I contact the burn unit at the University of Rochester's Strong Hospital.

As you can see the burn was a very serious burn and because I had waited over a week to seek medical help the foot was amputated just above the ankle...Yes, AMPUTATED! on!

April Fool's!

OKAY ... so what really happened?
I did seek medical help from the Krasser Burn Unit at Strong Hospital in Rochester, where Dr. Bell and his staff using general anesthesesia:
1. debrided the granular tissue forming in the central 3rd degree burn area of the foot.
2. took a partial skin graft (a 2x4 sized segment) from my upper thigh and attached it to the 3rd degree burn area of the foot. A very high tech vacuum pump drained any liquids from the wound as well as providing negative pressure to secure the graft to the sub-dermis, insuring a good generative dermis to dermis contact for optimal growth.   
7 days post burn/pre-skin graft.
You can see the 3rd degree burn (whitish tissue)
in the central area.

After the skin graft with the partial vacuum tube in place.
I changed the wound dressing each day.
You can see the healing progress in the next few photos.
11 days after the burn / 6 days after the skin graft.
The 2nd degree burn (outside) are recovering and the skin graft
 (interior with staples) is "beautiful" according the the doctor at Strong Hospital.
(I also have to say that these are my very first body piercings.) 

The skin graft site on my upper thigh.
Doctors wanted the graft covered and open to the air so that
a dry scab would form where it will crumble off with time.
3 weeks post burn/ 10 days post skin graft.
It is looking better.

So tomorrow it is back to the burn unit at Strong Hospital for staple removal and hopefully a release to begin a resumption of activity ...with moderation. Spring is here and there is much to do ...mabe even another backpack.

The END!
Here are two updated photos

30 days post injury/27days post skin graft. The peeling skin is
normal. There is no discomfort and I have resumed full activity,
including daily walks.

The skin graft site 27 days after surgery.
No pain, but it can be a little itchy.
Skin lotion on both sites helps.

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  1. It looks beautiful. Only in the eyes of a fellow burn victim. LOL! I was freaked when you said amputation ... as the healing was AMAZING! Excellent job! Happy you are healthy now and walking/hiking.