Thursday, September 30, 2010

Slide Show of Trail Work On The FL Trail

In July and again in September I put in some volunteer time to help with bridge repairs/replacement on a segment of the Bristol Hills branch trail of the Finger Lakes Trail system. The specific area worked on was in the Prattsburg, NY area between Elmboise and Bean Station Roads. Helpping us complete the task were two teams of students from RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology).

Below are three links that will provide you with a nice progressive slide show of the trail work. The photos were taken by Lynda Rummel, Director of Trail Quality for the Finger Lakes Trails, who officially organized the trail work camps.

The link below shows photos of the bridges before and after our July weekend workcamp with the first group of RIT students and FLT volunteers

This link and the next one show the bridge replacement/construction for the September 17 - 18th weekend with RIT students and FLT volunteers.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Backpacking Again!

Jason and I recently returned from a 9 day backpacking trip that covered a 160 mile section of the Long Trail (LT); a 270 mile trail that follows the up and down boulder, strew ridge line of the Vermont's Green Mountains.
The LT map shows the distance we backpacked.

Backpacking over boulders, a scene so typical of the trail.

Some rewarding views, looking out across Vermont.

With backpacks left behind, a 0.2 mile climb up across boulders put us ontop of Killington Mt. (4100 ft.)

Not all of the trail was boulder strewn...

Jason atop Mt. Abraham (4000 ft) ... the air temperature was about 42 degrees F and damp.

Another view into the Vermont valley below.
The LT crosses the upper sides of several sky slopes.
Interesting trail art created by the stone contributions and their placement of passing hikers.
Another view looking back from where we had come.