Thursday, March 18, 2010

Creativity; Better Late than Never

When building our log house back in 1983, I had always thought that the logs linking the back portion of the house to the front portion would make a great interior totem pole. Over the last two days I have enjoyed fullfilling this fantasy on three of the five log butts using simple hand tools. Although rather crude, I did have fun! My only reget is that I did not do this years ago when the kids would have been here to enjoy them in their day to day comings and goings. Here you see the first creation and "butts" soon to carved.
Any animal suggestion for the 4th log butt from the bottom?

Carving ID from top to bottom:
an elephant
a bat
a trout
[OK ... that's a joke, the craving from bottom to top are:
Bottom: snapping turtle
Middle: black bear
Top: A sitting beaver with it's tail between it's legs]
View coming down stairs from kids bedrooms.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sunny Day/Trashy Walk

I walked to Phelps to check out the garden seed varieties at the Phelps Mercantile store and then hiked on up Rt 96 to the Finger Lakes Credit Union to do a little banking. On the way back I started my usual mercenary picking up of discarded, returnable for deposit cans and bottles. Along the 5.5 mile hike home I picked up 30 returnable containers and 22 crushed aluminum cans that go into my aluminum stock pile. I am amazed at the volume of trash along the roads and the mind set [...or lack of a mind] that allows a body to toss out that much "stuff" along this random sampling of NYS highways. And this was only one side of the road.

I could have easily double this amount had I picked up cans/bottles going to Phelps, but how would I carry it all while walking?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Backpacking Eastern Wayne County roads

The itch to try backpacking in the winter was getting to me, yet I didn't want to add more carbon to the atmosphere traveling to and from a hiking destination. Results? ... why not backpack a loop of the most rural roads of Eastern Wayne county. Below is a sequence of photos of my latest 78 mile trek in 2.5 days.
[click on individual photos to see a greater photo details... Enjoy]

My hiking loop (counter clockwise)started and ended from home (yellow pin).
Looking east toward Rt 14
Our home in Alloway ('73 -83) ...sad!
Heading to Clyde, the plowed road ends.
Entering Clyde on Rt 414
Wetlands northwest of Savannah
Lunch break spot on Noble Rd.
Heading towards Butler, NY
Butler, NY
Backed & ready to head out from day 1 campsite

Lake Ontario comes into view.
Lake Ontario at the dead end.
Walking the shore line
Lake Ontario
Heading away from the lake.
North Rose appears on the horizon.
Day 2 camp site at Huckleberry swamp
Food prep before a night's sleep
Another seasonal road ahead - time to put on snow boots.
View looking south from atop Harris Road.
Heading west
Heading south
Entering Marbletown & the journey's end.
As usual my toes are a little swollen and I lost 4 toenails, but it was a good trip!