Thursday, April 29, 2010

Solar Array Set Up - Day 4

Today the two racks which will hold the solar panels were mounted on the support poles.
Placing the rack holding joint atop the pole ... all 80 lbs worth.
Booming the 2nd rack into place.
Trying to place the central holding pivotal bolt.
The work continues.
Tomorrow the 32 solar panels (16/rack) will be attached and wire together.

Solar Array Set Up - Day 3

Crisp, clear weather today for setting the solar array poles.
Read on.
The 20 ft galvanizd pipe each weighs 850 lbs.
Booming the poles into place.
The poles were plumbed and held in place by temporary guide wires. Reinforcing rod was installed and internal electrical wire holding conduit were toggled into the poles.
6.5 yards of concrete were wheel barrowed into the pit by the HALCO crew and myself along with the 'Bob Cat's' help.
The two poles will each hold a 10x20 ft. adjustable rack of 16 solar panels.
Looks like we have a mole problem in our lawn where the under ground conduit has been placed.
Stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Solar Array Set Up - Day 2

Today was spent laying the plastic conduit from the house to the solar array site. This was followed by back filling the trench. As you can see April showers were big wet flakes of snow. Melissa and Ralph (HALCO) set up a electrical distribution box between the two array towers, then hung an electrical panel board in the basement before heading back to prep materials for Day 3.
Tomorrow: Tower poles will be set up, a concrete base will be poured, an electical wire will be pulled through the conduit, and the solar panels will be brought on site.
Stay tuned.
Conduit pipe will enter the back of the house.
Ralph and Melissa glue pipe, then we backfilled the trench.

Solar Array Set Up - Day 1

This week HALCO, a local home energy company is in the process of setting up our backyard Photovoltaic Array system. The 7.2KW/32 modules system will be mounted on two 10x20 foot towers. Our goal is to cancell out our annual net grid electrical usage. We have been working with HALCO engineers to design and submit a plan to NYSERTA for approval since October, 2009. The system should be set up by week's end and by mid-May with NYSEG's (New York State Electric & Gas) approval, we should be producing are our own electrical energy when the sun shines.
Stay tuned!
DAY 1 photos
Drilling two, 3x8 ft holes to anchor the array towers
The auger
The hole will hold the array support pole and be filled with concrete Wednesday.
A trench was dug to connect the array with the house.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Where We Were Picking Stones?

Earth or Martian terrain ... can you tell?

Below is an actual picture of "martians" unloading stones on the Earth's Surface with their "terrestial rover".

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Turning The Garden

Planting Peas

With the recent summer like weather, I decided to get an early start on the 2010 vegetable garden. I have been turning the garden over by hand for the last several weeks.
In the photo:

  1. (Right side) - a wheel barrow load of finished compost is spread over the seed bed.
  2. (Center) - a double row of pea seeds are seeded in a soft bed of soil and compost.
  3. (Left side) - a trellis is set upon which germinating pea vines can attach and grow upward into sunlight for easier havesting in mid-June.