Thursday, March 26, 2009

Simple Machines = A Mechanical Advantage = A New Toy

Saw this boulder the other day while walking on Cole Road east of Newark. Apparently frost action heaved this glacial erratic from the earthen bank, sending it tumbling to the roadside below.

Using only boards, scrap wood blocks, and a crow bar; I set out this morning to retrieve the boulder After three tries at rearranging the planks...

... and adding some stones under the boards for extra support, I was able to begin levering the boulder up the inclined plane.
 this point, 1.5 hours of repeatedly resetting the fulcrum, prying, blocking, shimming and avoiding any position where I could become pinned; should the boulder break loose and fall...

...I finally succeeded to get this ice age relic onto the back of my Dakota truck I was now ready to load my tools and head home to unload.

...When Grandson Nolan arrived two hours later he discover a new toy!