Friday, October 7, 2011

Once A POND of TIME!

Each fall we bring our fish in for the winter. The problem is that some of these fish are getting too large, so I decided to construct a pond where they can over winter as well as add another demension to our landscape.


What a lot of work.

Below is a photo dialogue of the construction to date.

Over the past year I have been redigging and enlarging a smaller pond that did NOT work.

This pond is 40'(l) x 18'(w) x 1.5-4'(d).

The line represents the expected water level. The pond was first cover with a protective underlayer and then a thick, heavy rubber liner that had to be tugged into place.

Field stones were collected to line the pond. The stones will protect the liner from UV light and will provide a biofriendlier pond environment. To date 45 wheel barrow loads of field stones were hand loaded from a hedge row 0.3 miles away. Each load was dumped, rinsed, reloaded and then at the pond - hand placed to create a solid layer of stones.

This was alot of work!

Over 200 ft of 4" drain pipe in the hand dug ditch will channel rain water from the house and barn to the pond. A morning view of the pond.

An evening view.

I love the reflections!

An electrical line, a pump and further landscaping will need to be added to complete the job.

... and add the fish to their new home!

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