Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Once A Pond after more Time

The electrical lines have been run and the rain water drain pipes connecting barn and house run off to the pond have been connected. A pump & scimmer circulate water several hours a day.

A short video looking east across the pond.

The fish spend most of their time at the pond's deep end.

Another video clip from the other side of the pond.


  1. Beautiful, looks like an Adirondack stream crossing!

  2. Gerry,

    Can you help us build a pond at the Lyons Community Center?


  3. Hiking in the Adirondacks and along the Finger Lakes Trail certainly influenced my thinking for the affect I wanted to create. As far as building a pond at the Lyons Community Center ...Hmmn? I can't help with the cost (liner, pumps, electrical), but the design and placement of stone might be fun. Keep in mind I hauled over 50 wheel barrows of field cobble stones just to line the bottom/sides of the pond. It took about FOUR X the amount of time I had orginaly had budgeted to complete the task. And $$$$ ...