Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Backpacking the Conservation Trail finishes The Finger Lakes Trail System

Trekking Northward!

Once again my son Todd dropped me off at the trail head of the Conservation Trail near West Valley, NY; late in the afternoon of my 63rd birthday [9/10/09] as he traveled back to Pennsylvannia.
You can see the 119 mile trail by clicking on the link below and then clicking on My Maps and then clicking again on The Conservation Trail.,-77.644501&spn=0.469589,0.88028&z=10&msid=104585491248441541983.00046d32da0deeeaf38c2
September 10 - 15, 2009

Below is a sequence of photos taken as I backpacked north to Niagara Falls. The starting elevation (2000 ft) and topography (hilly) decreased as I worked my way northward to the flatter lake plains, before heading west and again north to the trail's end at the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls NY.
With the completion of this solo backpack, I have completed the main East-West Finger Lakes Trail and ALL of the Branch Trails associated with the Finger Lakes Trail System in less than a year ... a total of 840 miles.

Fording a stream First signs of autumn. The Holland Ravines with their extensive ladders & steps
Crossing pipe lines in a "sugar bush"

The topography "flattens"
The trail now follows flat "rails to trails" and parkways
Flat and monotonous!
The Niagara River Walk towards the south bridge to Grand Island
Crossing the bouncy, noisey bridge (I-190) to Grand Island
Bivouac at Beaver Island State Park
Getting a early start!
On the Parkway north to the North bridge off Grand IslandView towards Niagara Fall from the high point on the noisey, North Grand Island Bridge
...still flat and monotonous!
The End: Straddling the International border on the Rainbow Bridge


  1. Hi Gerry, I attended a Finger Lakes Trail presentation in Williamson tonight by Gene Bavis and Jacqui Wensich and Jacqui seemed like she was waiting for a photo of you on the trail to go with her records.