Thursday, June 18, 2009

Recycled "junk" = an Arc Welder = an Old Bed Springs English Country Gate

In an earlier blog posting regarding my stone wall construction, it was not mentioned that an opening was left in the stone wall where a metal gate would be the perfect addition.

[See blog dated 3/17/09 "Stoned" on Stone Walls]

Over the last few days, our son Jason responded by scrounging around the local area to find metal rods from an old bed mattress foundation [... abandoned in a wooded dump area] and two discarded microwave ovens.

  1. From the mattress springs he cut out metal rods, designing and bending the rods into an esthetically pleasing gate, complete with latch.

  2. From the microwave units, he utilized the transformers to construct an arc welder.

  3. From there he welded the bed springs into a functioning gate.

    The "homemade" arc welder.

Jason spot welds the gate components into a single unit.

The finished unit

..."Welcome" to a little less trashy world.