Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another 100+ miles on the Finger Lakes Trail System.

Beginning on Saturday (6/20 - 6/23), I completed another 104 mile segment of the Finger Lakes Trail system: Letchworth State Park to the Hammondsport area. The photos and information below will verify that I was REALLY on the trail ... unlike South Carolina Govenor Sanford, who recently claimed to be on the Applachain Trail, while really taking care of "affairs" in Argentina.
By visiting the following site you can view my route.
[Besure to waite & allow the interactive map to display, before clicking on "satellite", "terrain" & moving the zoom bar to explore my route.]

Below are pictures and video clips arranged in chronological order that will give you a sense of the trip. Saturday and Sunday were wet hiking days, while Monday and Tuesday were sunny and warm. I spent the first overnight in a lean-to, followed by a night in a tent next to a pond with a chorus of amphibian reproductive calls. The last night was in a lean-to that is periodically visited by black bears.

Sign post at Finger Lakes Trail Headquarters, Mt. Morris, NY. I now only have the about 111 miles of the FLT (Portage, NY to the western end of the FLT in the Allegany State forest )and the 130+ mile Conservation trail to complete the 840 miles of the FLT and Branch trail system in one year by October 26th.

Letchworth Gorge ... not much of a view due the overcaste sky and rain.

With over an inch of rainfall, streams were swollen. (6/20)

...what view? Letchworth State Park. (6/20)

Letchworth State Park (6/20)

Hiking the south end of Letchworth State Park (6/20)

Letchworth State Park (6/20)

An ice cream cone break ...outside Portage, NY (6/20)

It rain all night, so Sunday morning the treking was "WET!"

The rule of the trail is to leave the gate as you find, when you enter pastured areas. (6/21)


Walking up Garwood Glen. (6/21)

I felt like the "cow" pied piper across this pasture. (6/21)

With the cows behind, this was the view looking east - 1800 ft. (6/21)

Rain Again!? ... Late Sunday afternoon (6/21)

[Turn the sound up.] Sleepless in the Klipnocky State Forest (2 am - 6/22)

Finally "dry" and Big Sky - 6/22

Heading towards Hornell (11 am - 6/22)

Looking back into the Canseraga Valley (not the "Canesisteo valley" as I say in the video clip)and Hornell (3pm - 6/22)

Tuesday Morning in western Steuben County (6/23)

Trail break (6/23)

Heading towards Bath, NY near or on Cochrane Rd. (am - 6/23)

The end of the trail. (pm - 6/23)

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