Saturday, June 11, 2011

Take a Hike!

Earlier this week, I along with seven other Finger Lakes Trail volunteers and two work crews from the Monterey Correctional Facility constructed two bridges on the Finger Lakes Trail in the Birdseye Hollow State Forest (Steuben County). The bridges were constructed out of white oak planking, fastened to utility poles that crossed the main creek. Boulders were located and skidded into place to create a retaining wall on the main bridge's east bank and stream run gravel was bucket brigaded to each of the bridge's access points.

The synergistic results of all our efforts are pictured below.

Main Bridge (38' span)

Bridge crossing the west overflow stream bed (20' span)

Take a Hike!

If you care to see more photo's of bridge building in progress go to the following FLT photo gallery site:

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