Monday, April 18, 2011

A Mycological/Gastronomical Experiment

Today I innoculated several red oak logs with mushroom plug spawns obtained from Fungi Perfecti ( The recently cut oak logs were obtained from a local tree trimming outfit and allowed to set for a few more weeks before today's innoculation. Holes were drilled into the logs between 3" and 4" apart in a diamond pattern. Spawn plugs were hammered in and then sealed with parafin.

Slaming the plug spawn into the logs.

Sealing the plugs and open ends of the logs with parafin.

The innoculated logs were then set in a wooded area, out of direct sunlight. I will have to monitor the mushroom logs and keep the area damp during those dry periods this coming summer.Mushroom varieties

Left side: Reishe & Pearl Oyster logs

Right side: Shiitake logs

.....check back in September

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  1. I can't wait to see if this works. We tried it but as usual didn't really follow through very well. I don't think I am a natural gardener. My attention span is too short.