Saturday, January 1, 2011

Looking Back at 2010

Another year has come and gone. While out walking today I thought about the year past and made the following estimates about the occupation of my time over the last 365 days. I would like to think that my preoccupations around the home and our travels were environmentally friendly. With the completion of yesterdays' walk into town to pick up a few non-domestically produced items for our New Year dinner today; I completed my goal of walking/backpacking 1500 miles in 2010. [I also cashed in $37.50 worth of returnable cans/bottles picked up along the road side in and around Marbletown.] Checking the odometers of my rusty truck (... missed 'cash for clunkers') and our car, I noted that we drove a combined total of 14,039 miles; less than the USA average for a couple in our age group*.


  1. Wow, 1500 miles on foot. That's something like 4 miles per day...I bet a very small percentage of Americans move under their own power even just 1 mile per day.

  2. The walking does a variety of things for me:
    1. great exercise and helps the immune system
    2. removal of cans/bottles from area roads
    3. keeps me in backpacking shape for the next backpack ... where ever that may be
    4. a great way to monitor the country side in the area
    5. wonderful time to think. A surprising number of good ideas have come to me while trekking around Marbletown.