Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Peace Maker

When the neighbor's driveway along with ours were put in years ago, they cut across the natural drainage pathway of water draining the field to the east of the drive ways. Eventually a culvert was installed, allowing the water to flow under the drive ways resuming the old drainage pathway. Unfortunately after a heavy rain the muddy field water made its way into the Milbenski farm pond causing excessive silting, algal bloom and odors. A solution had to be found.
Using our BBQ altar, Jason heated and bent a piece of angle rod to frame a crude valve that could be screwed down to slow the flow of flood waters. BBQ altar/forge = cob-job The angle iron flood valve

Summer 2009

The trial run, was less then successful due to the excessive pressure behind the flood gate.
Note the water squirting from all sides. Conclusion: the flood gate has to be located on the puddlling/up side of the culvert.

July 2010

A heavy thunder shower dropped 1 inch of rain in 20 minutes. You could hear the water guggling and working it's way down the rows of corn heading towards the culvert.

The flooding corn field
An open flood gate installed on the up stream side of the culvert.

Water flow with the flood gate reduced.

Water flow with the flood gate open.

The Bialaszewski's rain garden holds flood water allowing it to infiltrate into the ground, preventing it from entering the farm pond beyond.

- the peace maker-

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