Thursday, December 17, 2009

Who did this?

What do you see in the photo taken of our bathroom mirror?

Sue and I have notice this for the last three days. I think we were silently blaming each other. But why would either of us do such a thing? If it were the 1980 - 90's with the "kids" still here, then it would be easy to assess the blame. Yesterday, I finally asked Sue if she could explain the pranksterish sign.

Well this morning it dawned me that three days ago I had taken grandson Nolan into the bathroom and stood him on the counter top to look in the mirror at his chalk mustache. We had been drawing on the chalk board in the dinning room when I smugged a chalky mustache on Nolan. Apparently Nolan reached out and dragged his chalky fingers across the mirror, resulting in a smug looking very much like "Hi".

So who is the real prankster here?

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