Friday, May 1, 2009

GREEN action! - Green Manure

In the mid-September, 2008 I lightly rototilled the the rapidly fading garden and hand broadcasted annual rye grass seeds. Within a week the garden turned green and remained green well into December and again by mid-March, 2009. The rye grass protects the soil, discourages weed germination and provides organic material to enrich this years' garden soil.
I love the way my shovel shines following an hour of turning the soil. The rotiller would never turn the soil to the 6 - 8 inch depth that my "green" shove can. The rototiller does a nice job preparing a nice, soft seed bed using less "carbon" energy following the hand turning of the soil. By turning over a small area for 1 hour at a time, I will complete the garden turn-over today or tomorrow. I started the process several weeks ago.

My "green" non-polluting tool and the "green manure" crop.

"Green action" + green manure + green sounds = GREEN EARTH

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